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Are you still affected by autism, if not, how has it changed your views of life?

Yes, I am still affected by autism in many ways. Autism has two facets: (1) the amount of development of the core of the brain, and (2) the level of daily functioning as determined by the exposure to adverse factors in my environment. It has influenced my views of life in several ways. (A) I know to treat myself with TLC or else my body rebels and I get to function much less than I would like. (B) Since pain and internal torment is so common in my life, I tend to be more religious, and look forward to heaven. (C) My mind can't stand the thought of there being a mystery about anything, so I feel pushed into solving every possible mystery, ie. ufo's, paranormal, nature, psychology, etc. (D) I had to learn how to learn early on by learning to put all abstract concepts in picture form. Thus, I think of relationships with other people in terms of likeness to other things. Someone does something to earn my respect, so on a ruler scale my respect for them goes from 6 (the norm) to 7.

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Note: I have taken these paraphrased questions from questionnaires sent to me from various groups, and have requested and gotten permission to place them here. The answers given reflect my opinions and philosophies.

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